Americans for Clean Water, a project of the Ocean Foundation, addresses the compelling need for broader public awareness leading to constructive policy changes in response to the human health hazards of polluting drilling practices associated with onshore and offshore hydrocarbon development.

Emerging onshore petroleum technologies now threaten reliable public access to safe drinking water as a result of pollution caused by hydraulic fracturing. At the same time, toxic chemicals and heavy metals from offshore oil drilling are routinely discharged into fragile coastal ecosystems, including vast quantities of spent drilling muds and radioactive and chemically-polluted “produced waters,” in addition to the aerial and subsea application of controversial chemical dispersants.

The Americans for Clean Water project focuses the public spotlight on drilling wastes, accurately informing a broader understanding by the layperson of the serious public health threats posed by human exposure to hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) chemicals.

Individual states are now moving to enact legislative approaches to regulating hydraulic fracturing and the resulting air and waterborne discharges. The Americans for Clean Water project tracks various proposed policy approaches, while actively educating the public about the most promising protective measures for human health and safety.

Americans for Clean Water is creating a new "story," with an accurate science-based theme, to engage a broader public and inspire action guided by a sense of hope. The project is building new networks, expanding the existing communities of those concerned about offshore oil drilling and hydraulic fracturing, and engaging the scientific and medical communities to inform decision makers with the facts needed to help states and communities do a thorough job of regulating fracking, while bringing to bear sufficient public pressure to achieve lasting constructive change.