Arts in Stark

Arts in Stark is committed to using the arts to create smarter kids, new jobs, and healthier communities. Formed in 1968, Arts In Stark awards grants, manages the Cultural Center, and runs the Annual Arts Campaign in Canton, Ohio.
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Beech Creek Botanical Garden and Nature Center
The Amazing Garden Science Program is a unique, innovative program integrating environmental science with music, art, and literature.
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Canton Palace Theatre Association
The Canton Palace Theatre Association maintains the architectural integrity of its historic theatre and partners with others to present cultural, entertainment, and educational experiences for the community.
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Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

For thousands of years Native Americans used the Cuyahoga River Valley in northern Ohio as a north-south transportation corridor...
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Encounters In Excellence

The mission of Encounters in Excellence is to impart to Miami-Dade students a greater understanding of biological and earth sciences and a greater environmental awareness through the medium of film and a personal encounter with positive community role models.
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Farm Share
Farm Share is a large-scale food bank operating throughout Florida and a leader in the farming community working to end hunger. The Herbert W. Hoover Foundation has been working with Farm Share to help provide fresh food to people in need of assistance.
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Marine Conservation Institute (MCI)

Marine Conservation Institute (MCI) began in 1996 with a new approach: to encourage scientists who want to safeguard the oceans’ web of life. Since then, MCBI has become one of the world’s most influential marine conservation organizations.
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Neighbors 4 Neighbors

Neighbors 4 Neighbors has come to the aid of victims of natural disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks, and other major crisis where help was needed–at home, in the U.S. or abroad.
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North Canton Heritage Society
The North Canton Heritage Society is a legacy program of the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation. Their core mission is to preserve and present the history of North Canton to the public. The museum exhibits contain much of the Hoover family history.
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The Ocean Foundation
With the 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s paradigm-changing book, "Silent Spring," the controversy over hydrocarbon pollution extraction and oil spill response is being reframed in the context of the underpinnings of the modern day environmental movement - ensuring safe families and protecting human health.
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Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA) Making Water Pollution Visible in Biscayne Bay

If pollution could be made visible, we could see where it is entering our waterways and how it is accumulating in our ecosystems. The result would be information needed to enforce the Clean Water Act. To address this challenge ORCA has developed technology designed to identify non-point source pollution sources and sinks and provide this information as a graphical overlay on GoogleTM based maps.
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Ohio Environmental Council

With support of the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation, the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC) is working with Stark County school districts to address the impacts of diesel exhaust on students and the community.
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Pathway Caring for Children

Adoptive families who receive support have a better likelihood of maintaining their commitment to adoptive children. Pathway has support services such as respite, support and educational groups, consultation services, and temporary foster placement outside the home. They are the only agency in northeast Ohio that provides comprehensive post adoption services, and they currently serve more than 200 families.

Visit the Pathway Caring for Children's website.

Prescription Assistance Network (PAN)

PAN operates a Pharmacy Knowledge Center to serve the uninsured low to moderate-income residents of Stark County. A pharmacist or pharmacy student counsels every client and Medication Therapy Management is provided. Health histories are taken for willing clients, and their health is monitored. Clients receive their medication each month along with regular support and education. This is a community wide effort by many organizations working with PAN.

Visit the Prescription Assistance Network's website.

Stark County Historical Society

The Stark County Historical Society is dedicated to collecting and preserving the significant materials and records related to the history of Stark County and the presidential history of William McKinley. Through the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, the Society serves as an educational center of history and science and offers interpretive exhibitions and educational programs for the local community and its expanding global audience.
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Stark State College

The college provides high-value, student-centered associate degrees and professional development. The College is dedicated to individual learning, transferable higher education, and career success. They advance quality of life through accessibility and business and community partnerships.
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University of Florida - Whitney Laboratory

Whitney is a research institute of the University of Florida. Its research aims to use marine model organisms to address human health and environmental problems. Additionally, the Lab's mission is to train future biologists, and to contribute to public science education and the establishment of public policy for basic research and marine science.
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The University of Miami

A private research university with more than 15,000 students from around the world, the University of Miami is a vibrant and diverse academic community focused on teaching and learning, the discovery of new knowledge, and service to the South Florida region and beyond.
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Western Reserve Land Conservancy

The Conservancy seeks to preserve the scenic beauty, rural character, and natural resources of Northeast Ohio.
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